Many of us take advantage of the summer to make improvements on our home. This can be anything from giving it a fresh coat of paint or simply deep cleaning, and, if you have children, organizing for the approaching back-to-school season.

Pepe Ganga offers some simple ideas to make it easier to renovate your home this season (without breaking the bank).

  1. Give a coat of fresh paint to the walls
    Neutral colors like gray, beige and cream are always in style, because of their flexibility and because they match with almost everything. This will help make your home look cleaner and more modern.
  1. Create a bigger space at home
    It is not necessary to tear down all the walls to create more space in the home. We recommend removing large and heavy furniture, leaving only what is essential. On the other hand, play with the furniture and its location to create an illusion of more space.
  1. Be consistent with basic maintenance
    A clean and mess-free home is essential. You will always feel more comfortable in a clean and organized house. Create a simple cleaning routine that you can keep up regularly. Make sure all the fixtures, such as the sink faucets and doorknobs, are in excellent condition.
  1. Create new lighting
    Having the wrong lighting in your space can make your room look smaller, darker, or crammed. With the right lighting, you can bring your home to life. Try to use more natural light and strategically place artificial lights in the darkest corners. Add lamps on

    small tables and replace old ceiling lamps with more modern alternatives.

    1. Add a splash of color

        With small hints of color throughout your home, you will create a happier and livelier space. Add color accents in subtle ways, using colorful pillows, rugs, or furniture. You can also put a little color and design between neutral colors by painting an accent wall.

        1. Complement with accessories

            Accessories can transform a boring space into an elegant one. Place mirrors of different sizes and styles throughout the house. These will help to give the illusion of more space. You can also add artificial flower arrangements or plants to create a radiant natural environment. Another trick is to add new art. You don't need to spend a lot of money; you can simply use prints and posters to transform your home.

            By following these steps, you can add a refreshing touch to your home without much work (or expense).