One of the most exciting and at the same time most difficult things to do at Christmas is: making the list of gifts that we want to ask Santa Claus and the Three Kings. The possibilities seem endless.

A good guide to choosing what to order this year is to divide it by certain categories so that it is a list that has a little bit of everything.

  1. Something I want
    You can start by asking for something you simply want, something fun, something to complete your collection, or something you've always dreamed of owning. At Pepe Ganga there is a wide variety of toys  for all ages and all tastes. If you are a collector of action figures, you can choose between: Paw Patrol, Dragon Ball, Avengers, Dark Vader, Batman, and even Harry Potter. If dolls are  your thing, you’ll find Barbies, dollhouses, doll boats, and even doll backpacks so you can take them for a walk. If you’re a fan of  cars and trucks, you’ll find Hot Wheels car tracks, Tonka trucks,  Monster Jam kits, and scale remote control collector cars from brands like Mercedes Benz, Bugatti, Pagani Ford Shelby, among others.

  2. Something to play with the family
    Few things are more fun than playing a board game as a family. Classic games such as Jenga, Monopoly, Uno Cards or even Bingo, are ideal games to play with your siblings, cousins, parents and even your grandparents. The Christmas season is an excellent season to identify your family's champion in Domino, Checkers, Poker, or Chess and learn from them (or even beat them).

  3. Something I need
    Halfway through the school year, sometimes your backpack, your lunch box, or your bag has been badly mistreated already. The letter to Santa or the Three Wise Men is a good opportunity to ask them for new bags, backpacks or lunch boxes.

  4. Something for the whole year
    In Puerto Rico it is hot almost all year round. However, we think about cooling off only when summer arrives. The reality is that it's a good idea to ask for a pool in your letters, so that you can splash around all year round. You can also order accessories for the beach or pool, it doesn't hurt to have some goggles to protect your eyes, an inflatable to float or a life jacket.

  5. Something for Exercising
    It is super important to stay active and exercise. As much as we love watching TV or playing video games, it's a lot of fun to play outside and stay active. One of the favorite gifts for children is bicycles. You'll love  the 3-wheeled Apache Huracán Bike, but if you prefer speed without the work, we have motorized bikes like  the White battery-operated Razor Dirt, the electric red  Razor Dirt MX350,  or the electric blue Razor MX350 Dirt Rocket. At Pepe Ganga we also have skates, helmets, knee pads and elbow pads for girls, so choose the ones you like the most and include it in your list.

  6. Something to be Creative
    It's always good to have art supplies in your home so you can have fun when it's raining outside or just when you feel like doing something artistic. At Pepe Ganga we have Paw Patrol paint sets for boys and girls. You can choose from Princess, Justice League, Mickey coloring books, among others. Another option that gives you infinite possibilities is to ask for a notebook to draw or to trace, as well as watercolors,   temperas, colored pencils or crayons,  so you can put your imagination to good use.

  7. Something for my pet
    Christmas is the perfect excuse to express your love to your loved ones. It is no secret that our four-legged friends are very important members of our families. A great gesture of love is to include a gift for your kitten or puppy on your list.

Get Inspired with Pepe Ganga

You can always browse our website to find more nice things to add to your list. You can also visit one of our stores in your #ZonaDeGanga to get even more inspiration and add things you want to your list. Enjoy Christmas, make the list and receive your gifts!