About Us

Outstanding exceptional service and quality products at the best prices

We are a Puerto Rican company founded in 1992. Since the opening of our 1st store in Río Piedras, we have dedicated ourselves to selling household items, hygiene products, cleaning supplies, appliances, school supplies, Christmas decorations, toys, and much more at the best prices. We always strive to distinguish ourselves from our competitors. Our goal is to offer provide our clients an enjoyable experience offering quality merchandise at the best prices and providing outstanding customer service.

In the year 2000, we opened our 2nd store in Plaza Cidra. Two years later, we opened our 3rd store in Monte Real Plaza, Manatí, bringing our savings and excellent outstanding customer service to the northern area of Puerto Rico.

Thanks to the support we received, in 2007 we opened our 4th store, this time in the Villa Victoria Shopping Center located in Caguas and our 5th in Comerío.

We continued growing in 2012 with the inauguration of our 6th store located in Santa María Shopping Center in Guaynabo. During 2014 we took the Pepe Ganga experience to two more towns, Juana Díaz (7th) and Carolina (8th).

Two years later we opened our 9th store in the municipality of Bayamón. And in 2017 we arrived at our beloved “Hatillo del Corazón” with the opening of our 10th store.

At the request of our clients, last year we launched an online sales platform "Pepe Ganga Online," with a wide selection of products available for shipping to Puerto Rico and the United States.

Today, we have fourteen establishments in Puerto Rico, an online store and more than two hundred employees. We are committed to continue offering our customers an excellent experience with the outstanding exceptional service and quality products at the best prices, always. Soon with more stores near you!

We are grateful for the opportunity to build dreams through hard work and dedication for more than two decades. And continue to strive in achieving all our goals with the support of all our clients.

Customers are our priority


Be the store where clients find everything they need and desire. Where you can have a memorable experience that makes you want to come back with someone else.


Our customers are our priority. We offer them excellent service and a great variety of products at the best prices.



We listen to our clients and respond to their wishes and needs.


We are committed to carrying out conducting honest business practices, observing the law and offering valuable and cost-effective quality products.


We believe in, promote, and strive towards excellence.


We promote high expectations, we have ambitious goals, and we aspire to make good profits, fulfill our commitments and always strive to be the best.


We manage our ongoing business properly and carefully evaluate the development of new opportunities.


Passion for the quality of customer service and the products we offer.


We continually reinvent ourselves, exceeding customer expectations, by improving and adapting to market changes quickly and effectively.

Our People

We seek honest employees who are passionate about serving our customers in an excellent, fast, and precise manner. People with fresh and innovative ideas that are willing to work hard and commit to the highest standards of customer service. We provide opportunities for growth in a safe and fair environment so that each person can be proud of their work.


We preserve and protect the environment. We give support to the communities where we do business.