We all love to prepare the house to welcome Christmas. However, the part of removing the ornaments and getting back to normal is a little more difficult. A good strategy to make the farewell to the Christmas season less hard is to get excited about making the house beautiful after Christmas. Updating your home can be one of your New Year's resolutions and this can mean anything from giving it a little TLC by changing aesthetic things to modernizing your furnishings. At Pepe Ganga you will find everything you need to give your home that small or giant change to start the year with the same excitement you received it and best of all: at the best prices!

Decorate with Pepper Ganga

It's amazing how much change you can make in your home just by changing the curtains. Curtains are the filter of light in your home! You can extend your sleep in the morning by simply putting blackout curtains in your room. On the other hand, if you want to fill your living room or dining room with clarity, translucent curtains can give the impression of enlarging spaces. To add a touch of elegance to your home, you can opt for embroidered curtains available in various colors.

If you had the Christmas spirit literally inside the bathroom, it's time to change the curtains of Santa, poinsettia, and gingerbread men. We have a wide variety of modern and stylish shower curtains to choose from. We also have curtains of ethnic varieties in canvas prints, for a more unique style.

Upgrade your Kitchen with Pepe Ganga

It is common knowledge that the kitchen is the heart of the house. So it's always a good idea to add some extra cool things to your culinary repertoire. Imagine being able to reward your kids after doing the homework (without complaining) with an ice cream served on a homemade waffle! With this Waffle Bowl Maker you will be able to innovate in your menus, because it can be used to make waffle desserts with ice cream, fruits and syrups, but it can also be used to make frittatas, hash brown containers, taco cups for salads... sky's the limit!

With the start of school also comes the return of requests for school. You no longer have to fear when your kids offer to bring the cupcakes for the class sale. With this cupcake maker, you can bake 7 perfect mini cupcakes in just minutes and it also includes recipes for vanilla, chocolate, carrot, pumpkin, corn, and even brownies!

The workday starts with a good coffee. Fill up on energy without having to leave home, making your own cappuccino with this Pressure Coffee Maker that includes a vaporizer to make the foam. If you prefer traditional coffee, you can embellish your kitchen with this moka pot designed by a Puerto Rican artist with beautiful orchids that look like they were hand-painted. There are different models, among them, this Design Without Limits coffee maker that includes details of Puerto Rico such as the lighthouse, the ocean and tropical flowers. It was designed by chef and artist with Down Syndrome Christopher González and local artist Rob Galar.

If your family (like almost all Puerto Rican families) loves fried things, but hates having to deal with oil and pans, this air fryer will significantly improve your week. By having two baskets you will be able to cook two foods at the same time and it is easy to assemble, use and clean.

As grandmothers used to say: who is bitter about a sweet? Even though the time of tembleques is over, a good dessert brightens up anyone's life. This flan maker has all the pieces you need to make an exquisite flan: double boiler, flan maker, bain-marie, handles that don't heat up and glass lid.

Upgrade your appliances at Pepe Ganga

Few things are used more in a family's kitchen than the microwave. Perhaps this is the year where you finally decide to invest in a sophisticated Frigidaire Gallery stainless steel microwave with Sensor Cook, Sensor Reheat, quick start options, interior LED lighting, melt and freeze function in less time. On the other hand, it may be that you have your appliances of different colors, you can start by unifying the colors of your kitchen with this Whirpool .7 white microwave oven, which has 5 power levels, 4 defrost options and 12 self-cooking options, with "Keep Warm" function, Self-cleaning and Energy Saving Mode. If your intention is to modernize your kitchen, this silver Whirpool microwave has digital display and control, as well as 12 automatic cooking options, 5 power levels, and 4 defrost options. If a spill were to happen (we know they happen daily) you can simply put the turntable in your dishwasher (if you don't have a dishwasher in your house, this is the perfect time to get it).

If there are wine lovers, connoisseurs or simply wine fans in your family, this is the year to treat yourself to a wine cellar. If you don't have a lot of space, this 8-bottle wine rack is ideal to put on top of the counter, it has an electronic panel and temperature control. If your collection of wine bottles has been growing, we recommend this winery where you can store up to 18 bottles of 750 milliliters. Now you can have your own wine cellar to reach the ideal temperature!

If you've ever thought that the amount of time you spend washing, drying, and folding laundry doesn't make sense, you're not alone! That's why it's important to keep these items up to date so that they don't stop working in the middle of the week. Many people are opting for gas appliances to reduce electricity consumption. Some families opt for two-in-one appliances to save space. At Pepe Ganga there are options for all cases, for example, the D2C Frigidaire is a gas dryer and washer in a single unit. We also have deals available online only where you can save close to $150 on a Frigidaire Washer & Dryer Combo and you can choose between gas or electric. If your problem is that you can't fit bedspreads, quilts or thick towels in your dryer, maybe it's time for an upgrade, with an Electrolux Dryer to save time and energy by protecting garments from over- or under-drying with the unique sensor that detects moisture on the surface and inside the garments so that all your fabrics are treated with precision and care.

Your Yard Needs Love Too

One of the best ways to lighten up a heavy week is to spend time with your family outside. Lights can add magic to a space. Add these mini round or square lanterns to your terrace or patio to create a more festive atmosphere for your family.

From time to time you can change up your routine just by dining outside the dining room, with this patio set you can add a fun new family tradition by dining in the moonlight and stars or adding these beautiful outdoor lights for moonless or cloudy nights.

Another excellent idea to get the family out of the four walls is to have a night of dominos in your backyard with this domino table perfect for having fun with your loved ones.

If you need more ideas or more inspiration to fill your home with good vibes in this new year, take a tour of one of our stores and find everything you need at the best price. We look forward to seeing you at the #ZonaDeGanga!