"Sin Límites" Design - Moka Pots (Greca) - Puerto Rican Artist - Limited Edition

"Sin Límites" Design - Moka Pots (Greca) - Puerto Rican Artist - Limited Edition

This coffee maker has been designed by two Puerto Rican artists: Chef and down syndrome artist Christopher Gonzalez, and local artist Rob Galar. This coffee maker with a "Sin Límites" design, will enchant your kitchen with its beauty and Puerto Rican details, such as: the Lighthouse, the sea and the "Amapola".

The moka pot makes 6 espresso cups at a time. Please note is not 6 coffee mugs, but 6 espresso cups.  It's a stovetop espresso maker, Moka pot, & manual coffee percolator. Use this stove top percolator coffee pot to make home espresso like a barista. It's easier to use than electric espresso coffee machines and makes a rich cup of moka espresso coffee.
Works on gas and electric stove top and propane camping stoves as well. Not suitable for Induction Stoves. It is a type of easy-to-use stovetop espresso maker, coffee percolator, or expresso coffee maker stovetop. It's also called a Moka pot, Moka coffee maker, or "Greca or Cafetera Cubana".


Soft touch handle with a burn guard for your finger. 

food safe aluminum.

Rich Expreso in under 5 minutes.

Endures your coffee has the cleanest, most robust flavor.

Aluminum body for fast heating.

Octagon shape for even heat diffusion.

Stay-cool handle knob and lid.

Not suitable for dishwasher use. To clean them simply rinse out in the sink, without any soaps or detergents. 

Measurements: Wide 4" x Height 7.5" x Length 7".


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