D2C Frigidaire Gallery 24" 2.2 Cu. Ft. Built In Microwave

D2C Frigidaire Gallery 24" 2.2 Cu. Ft. Built In Microwave

Sophisticated microwave Frigidaire Gallery of 2.2 Cu. Ft. in stainless steel:

  • Precise Cooking with Sensor Cook - Sensors in the microwave determine and set the appropriate power levels and cook time to ensure great tasting food.
  • Reheat leftovers easily with Sensor Reheat - Sensors in the microwave automatically adjust the temperature and time so that your food is reheated to perfection.
  • Convenient Quick Start Options - Get meals on the table in minutes with six different Quick Start options that allow you to start cooking faster.
  • Interior LED lighting - Monitor your dish while it cooks with the bright LED interior microwave light.
  • Fits-More Microwave - Extra-large microwave provides 2.2 cu. ft. of cooking space.
  • Baking is Easier with the Melt Feature - Melt ingredients like butter or chocolate for more easier baking.
  • Defrost in No Time - Quickly defrost meat, poultry, fish, and more with the defrost button on the control panel.                                                        Approximate Dimensions (Inches):

Height: 13 5/8"

Width: 24 7/16"

Depth: 19 5/8"  

1 year warranty in parts and labor Directly with Electrolux.


The Frigidaire Gallery Collection is only available through Pepegangaonline.com. Not available in stores.


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