In Puerto Rico, Christmas starts... basically any time after Back to School!

So the Christmas lighting of your home starts as soon as you start decorating it. At Pepe Ganga we have everything you need to get your home ready for Christmas. Before, decorating the exterior of your home could seem like a headache, now, we have very easy and inexpensive options to make your family's Christmas Spirit noticeable from an airplane. Fall in love with our collection of Inflatables and spread your Christmas spirit among your neighbors.

Set up your Christmas tree

Here are some tricks to make your tree a spectacle and you don't spend too much time and work (or overspend!)

Pick the perfect space for your Christmas tree and put it on a tree stand. At Pepe Ganga we have a wide collection of Christmas trees in all the colors and sizes you can imagine.

Christmas Lights

Probably the most important Christmas tip we can give you is this: test the lights before you hang them!!!

Connect each rope you plan to use. Make sure all bulbs are lit and the cord is in good condition. Replace dead light bulbs. And if you don't want to spend all that work, just stop by Pepe Ganga and buy new Christmas lights.

To make your tree well lit, 100 bulbs are recommended for each foot of tree. If you use incandescent lights, you should not connect more than five together. If you're going to use LED lights, you can connect as many as you want.

How to hang them?

Start at the top of the tree and work your way down. Make sure you start with the correct end so you can plug them in. Incorporate the lights from the inside of the trunk to the tip of each branch and vice versa as you spiral around the tree. If you find that the lights don't reach the receptacle, fear not! All is not lost, we have extensions for you.

Christmas Ribbons & Mesh

Many people decorate their Christmas tree with Christmas ribbons, garlands, or mesh. You'll need about nine feet of garland for every foot of height of a large Christmas tree; less for a smaller tree. Ideally, buy extra materials so you don't fall short at the last minute.

If you have any leftovers, you can use it to decorate the dining room table.

Christmas Ornaments

This is usually everyone's favorite part: the ornaments! The number and style of ornaments will depend on your personal style, but if you need a guide: for trees under 9 feet, it is recommended to use 10 to 15 standard-sized ornaments per foot. If it's a tree longer than 9 feet, 12 to 20 ornaments per foot are ideal. You can combine different styles and sizes of Christmas decorations. At Pepe Ganga we have many snowman and Santa Claus decorations, gingerbread collections, Christmas Angels, poinsettias, nutcrackers, and many other ornaments to decorate your house and your tree.

Christmas is here to stay!

Now that you've got your tree decorated, don't stop! Let Christmas take over your home from the inside out. The Christmas Spirit can even be felt in the bathroom! Buy decorations for one of the most visited spaces by your guests.

Visit one of our Pepe Ganga stores around the island and buy everything you need for the holidays, at the best price!