Frigidaire Refrigerator Side by Side 18.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel

Frigidaire Refrigerator Side by Side 18.7 Cu. Ft. Stainless Steel

Frigidaire Side by Side.  Inverter and AutoSense technology, water dispenser, portable ice maker and energy saver.

AutoSense Technology:  This refrigerator controls the temperature automatically, prolonging the life of food by 30% more. 

Inverter Technology:  Maintains the most stable temperature inside your refrigerator, guaranteeing the ideal conditions that will preserve your food and save energy.

External water dispenser:  Enjoy fresh water without having to open the door.

Portable ice maker:  Use it whenever you want.  Simply turn the tray so that the ice falls into the lower compartment and make your favorite drinks even more refreshing.

Easy organization:  With two drawers in the refrigerator and two drawers in the freezer, you will have better organization.  You can keep fruits and vegetables on one side, and frozen foods in other.

Digital control:  Panel Controls the temperature in the fridge and freezer, the Turbo Fridge, Turbo Freezer, Vacation, Panel Lock and AutoSense functions.


Height 5' 10"

Width 2' 11"

Depth 5' 6"

Factory cooler temperature adjustment: 5
Open door alarm (refrigerator freezer): Yes
Height 70. 8".  Height of the furniture with foot 65.6".  Package height 73.3".
Width 35.8".  Package width 38.3".  Maximum open-door width 14.0".  Overall width open door with handle (90°) 38.9".  Total width open door without handle 90° 36.6".
Maximum door angle 5.3".
Ice tray (quantity): Yes
Egg tray 12 eggs, transparent color
Control Panel Lock: Yes
Fruit and vegetable drawer (quantity/mat/color): 2 pcs, PS+PP, transparent
Full width fruit and vegetable drawer: 2
Drawer/Drawer Humidity Control: No
Drawers (quantity/mat/colour): 2 pieces, PS+PP, transparent
Compressor capacity (w) 155@3000rpm
Automatic door closing (freezer): No
Automatic door closing (refrigerator): No
Freezer door compartments: 4 pieces, PS, brushed silver
Full-width shallow door compartment: No
ROHS and ROHS2 compliance: Yes
Turbo Freezer: Yes
Full width bottle container 04 / full width
Expandable containers: No
Electronic freezer temperature control
Autodiscover: Yes
Water dispenser: Yes

Safety glass shelves: 3 pcs
Turbo Refrigerator: Yes
Ice twister (portable / fixed) Yes / Portable
Removable door gasket: Yes
Energy consumption limit (kWh/year): 499
Internal light (type/quantity/location) LED/1/higher
Net weight 178 lbs.

Depth with handle 25.9"
Cabinet depth 22.44"
Package depth 27.9"
Total depth with open door 41.6
Reversible door: Yes
Freezer temperature range (°C)_1 -14~-22
Refrigerator temperature range (°c) 2~8

Warranty: 1 year warranty in parts and labor.   10 years warranty in compressor.  Includes compressor's repair or replacement Directly with Electrolux.



$1,198.88 $1,299.99

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