Energizer 4500W Portable Generator

Energizer 4500W Portable Generator

The Energizer eZV4500i was built to take the hassle out of powering your electronics. Why bother getting out of bed to pull recoil cord a few times and aggravate your shoulder when you can roll over, press the remote ON button and get your coffee brewing. We all know it can be unbearable to dry camp in the summer with no AC. Luckily this unit packs 3700 running watts into a super portable case that’s capable of running a 15K BTU or Air Conditioning unit. Need more power? Parallel with any i-series Energizer inverter generator to increase power output. Whether it’s the neighbours, your in-laws or the wildlife, no one wants to hear you fire up a gas-guzzling generator. The eZV4500RVi Inverter generator features Ecomode and Noise Cancelling Muffler Technology, which reduce volume to campground approved limits and optimize engine speed to save on fuel costs. 


Fuel Capacity - 3.2 Gal

Runtime: 11.5 Hrs (25% Capacity), 6.6 Hrs (100% Capacity)

Dimension: 18" x 17" x 21"

  • Watts: 4500W Peak / 3700W Continuous
  • Amps: 30.8A @ 120V
  • Start Method: Recoil / Electric / Remote
  • Noise Level: 70dBA @25% Load, 78dBA @ 100% Load
  • Runtime: 11.5 Hrs (25%) 6.6 Hrs (100%)

3 Year Limited Warranty directly with Energizer


$1,388.88 $1,999.99

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