Energizer 2200W Portable Generator

Energizer 2200W Portable Generator

Now you can unload your generator from your vehicle with no help and no one yells at you to turn it off when it starts up, thousands of our customers experience this phenomenon every day. And they’re thrilled. We pull this off with noise dampening mufflers that cut down volume and a space-saving design that combines the alternator with the engine flywheel to shave down the weight. Ecomode saves you money on fuel without sacrificing performance, that’s how you get 9-hrs of runtime on devices below 400-watts. When you're ready to ramp up to max power the eZV2200i will run equipment as powerful as a 15A table saw.

Energizer 2200W Portable Generator specification:

- Capacity of 0.9 Gallons

- 11.5 Hr (25% Capacity), 4.2 Hrs (100% Capacity)

- Dimensions: 20.1" x 11" x 17.7"

3 Year Limited Warranty directly with Energizer.

$688.88 $899.98

We ship to all Puerto Rico, United States. We also ship appliances to Vieques. Appliances has no exchange or return.

Our packaging boxes have a second life thanks to our dedicated recycling efforts.

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