Intex Pools Warranties

The guarantee for all swimming pools and accessories, are directly with the manufacturer.  Once the goods have been received to your home, any type of claim or process will do it directly with Intex. Filters and pools are free of exchange and return.


Important points to know:

1. Pools warranties- Only through Intex Trading in California USA, and not with the Pepe Ganga or Pepe Ganga Online stores.

You MUST call 1-800-234-6839 for any claims.
2. Each box clearly describes the details about the properties of the purchased item.
3. Each pool contains a video with instructions for its assembly.
a. It is very important that you watch the video and read all the instructions.  
These instructions come in 12 languages, including Spanish and English.
4. The swimming pool should be mounted on a flat and hard surface like: Concrete floor, asphalt or soil.

5. The floor must be free of stones, glass, or any other sharp objects that may interfere with the pool surface.
6. The filter element must be changed every two (2) weeks or every three (3) days if in constant use.
7. After assembling the pool and pouring 1 inch of water, you should close the water pump and stretch the bottom of the pool as far as possible before filling it completely.
8. Chlorine or other chemicals are required to keep water clean.
a. Do not exceed the quantities or chemicals in the instructions.
9. All INTEX pools recirculate 100% of the water in 6 hours or less; therefore, the filter should run daily, for no more than six (6) hours.

Side walls PVC material has a ninety (90) day warranty against manufacturing defects.
12. The water pump, hoses, and eyes are covered by a one-year warranty.
13. We suggest that you visit the manufacturer's website for more information: