Returning to school can be stressful but covering notebooks doesn't have to be. You should never forget to protect books and notebooks. Often books can be sold at the end of the academic year. In addition, it is a way to give them a fun and unique touch.

In this article we will teach you how to cover books and notebooks with the gift-wrapping paper of your choice.

Step # 1: Choose the paper you will use as cover

Take a look at the papers you would like to use to line your books and notebooks then choose one per item. The piece of paper should be wider and about 3 inches longer than the item you are going to cover.

Step # 2: Measure and cut the paper

Lay the book open on the paper to find out exactly how large the paper should be. The top and bottom of the paper should extend about 1.5 inches more than the item. The left and right ends should be about 3 inches more on each side. Mark the dimensions with a pencil. Then, cut the paper to get the size you need.

Step # 3: Make the necessary folds

Close the book and centralize it on the paper you will use. With a pencil, gently mark the top and bottom end. The item should always remain on the paper. Fold the paper towards the pencil mark, repeating the process on both remaining parts of the paper. Then fold the book cover on the left and right sides. Tape the paper to the item so it doesn't slip out of place.

Step # 4: Cover with contact paper

After completing the process with the paper, it is recommended to finish covering the item with plastic contact paper for additional protection. Follow the same steps as before to cover with the contact paper.