We are heading back to school!

Without a doubt it will be a very different "Back to School” season. We are all aware of the current situation the world is facing, which is why we offer several suggestions so that our children, youth, and college students are ready and safe when they return to school.

We offer a wide variety of school supplies in the brands you are looking for, at the best prices. We provide excellent assistance with school lists and teacher specifications. In addition, our Lay Away -plan is available for all school items.

  1. Prepare backpacks and lunchboxes ahead of time.
  2. Create a routine to organize homework and study times using one of our available agendas.
  3. Use labels to identify and organize school supplies.
  4. Make sure that your list includes: hand sanitizer, children's masks, disinfecting wipes, and face shields.
  5. We offer a wide variety of merchandise in different colors, sizes and designs. So that all your school supplies are coordinated!
  6. In our cleaning supplies section you can find paper towels, liquid soap, toilet paper, bleach, and all kinds of cleaning supplies that are often included in the school lists.
  7. For our college students, we offer a wide variety of folders, division notebooks and other essential items to help keep them organized.

    So, get ready on time, safely and protected for this “Back to School” and remember you can:
    Easily make your Lay Away with just one dollar!