Dog's House Small and Large

Dog's House Small and Large

For every purchase of this house, we prevent 0.80 kg of organic waste from reaching landfills and landfills, as well as a lower amount of CO2 emissions (5.77 kg)

This new house is an ideal product for small or large dogs, It preserves the aspects of design and quality that represent our brand, being an ECOAMIGABLE product.

Your partner will love this new house and contribute to the environment.  Easy to clean and can be used indoor or outdoor.  UV Protected.  Assembly required; Hardware included. 

Small House: Weight: 11 lbs.  Overall dimensions: 23"H x 24"W x 26"D

Large House: Weight: 22.71 lbs. Overall Dimensions:  35" H, 35.4" W, 36.2" D