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NERF Ultra 5 Blaster (+4 NERF Ultra Darts) [8+]
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NERF Ultra 5 Blaster (+4 NERF Ultra Darts) [8+]


Nerf Ultra series 5 Dart Blaster includes:

  • 4-Dart Internal Clip
  • Blaster
  • 4 darts, and
  • instructions.

The Nerf Ultra series introduces the farthest flying dart. ever. Up to 25m*.

  • With powerful speed, extreme distance, innovative flight tip, lightweight foam, and aerofin technology.

! WARNING ! : To avoid eye injuries, do not aim at the eyes or face. Safety goggles are recommended for players, and/or spectators. Do not modify blaster, or darts.

Compatible only with NERF Ultra darts.

For kids ages 8 & up.