Frigidaire Gas Range 30" with 5 Burners Glass Cooktop in Black

Frigidaire Gas Range 30" with 5 Burners Glass Cooktop in Black

This Frigidaire gas range makes preparing your food easy. Its oven interior has an enamel coating that burns splashes inside the oven for easy clean up. The sealed burners prevent liquids and debris from entering the stove. 

Tempered Glass Table: Its design guarantees a modern and innovative look. Its finish with smooth surface and few cuts facilitates cleaning.

Triple Flame Burner: Its more powerful flame ensures faster food preparation. In addition to being tough, it allows you to cook larger recipes in less time.

Individual Grills: Generates a modern and practical look providing a firmer and more balanced support for pans and pots.

Oven with EasyClean Finish: Technology that facilitates the removal of grease on the walls of the oven. Its interior has a special enamel layer that burns the splashes inside the oven.

Sealed Burners: Prevents splashes, liquids and debris from entering the stove. In addition to the more modern look, it makes cleaning easier.

Specifications:  Hight 37.76", Width 29.92", Depth 26.69"

Burner's quantity: 5
Burners: 3 small / 1 medium / 1 large
Electric ignition
Grate for burners: 5
Control type: Turn knobs
Oven window
Oven rack: 2
Oven light
Temperature: 160 °C - 280 °C

Voltage: 127-220 volt
Frequency: 50-60 Hz
Power: 25 watts
1 year warranty in parts and labor Directly with Electrolux.


$698.88 $799.99

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