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Farpoint Night Beam Sporlight 300 Lumens LED Solar
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Farpoint Night Beam Sporlight 300 Lumens LED Solar


A solar-powered motion sensor light that looks like a surveillance camera.  Mount it on siding or stake it in the ground

This sleek black solar motion sensor lights is great for enhancing the look of your outdoor space while providing added security.

With a motion detection range of 26-32 feet, the light turns on with an ultra-bright LED beam right when motion is detected.

Not only is the Farpoint 300-Lumen LED Solar Motion Light great for enhancing outdoor visibility at night, but it also looks like real surveillance cameras. With a blinking red security light, trespassers are deterred from setting foot on your property. This can help you and your family have an extra sense of security and peace of mind.

It is solar-powered and has a rechargeable lithium-ion battery so there is no need to deal with electrical wiring setup or expensive electric bills. Plus, there is also an AUTO/OFF switch to save the stored power.