Boé Crece Pelo Hair Repair System 5 Pcs Kit

Boé Crece Pelo Hair Repair System 5 Pcs Kit

Crece Pelo - Kit 5 Pack - Natural Phitoterapeutic Treatment Help capillary growth

NATURAL first phytotherapeutic treatment, consisting in the use of natural plants, for hair growth. This innovative formula provides active extracts and 100% natural necessary for healthy hair, avoiding excessive scaling, adding Health.

Crece Pelo Gotero Hair Drops are used directly on the scalp to help stimulate and promote hair growth and prevent hair loss. The Phitoterapeutic formula uses natural plants ingredients and is especially designed to improve volume, hair health and vitality. It's a powerful hair repair treatment with extra conditioning ingredients that detoxify the scalp and protects by strengthening the hair fiber to prevent hair loss. Detoxing your scalp is extremely important to maintain a healthy hair regimen full of growth and retention. The drops can be used daily. Results vary on the condition of the hair. New growth of hair is typically seen with daily use in 3-6 weeks. This product can be used on certain areas of the scalp or the entire head. 

Beauty, Vitality, softness and flexibility through its active nutrients for perfect hair health.


Shampoo 12 oz.

Mask 16 oz.

Leave in 4 oz.


Rinse 12 oz

Reusable bag

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